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Mrs. Stout’s Career and Technical Classes

Career and Technical Education classes are designed to prepare students for the world of work.  With this goal in mind, each student is expected to be accountable and responsible as if they were in the work force.  In reality, school is the student’s work.  Each classroom is like a place of business with the students as employees and the teachers as supervisors.  Just as workers are expected to be responsible for bringing the necessary tools and materials of their trade and arriving on time, students are to come with all necessary tools and materials prepared to begin work when the bell rings each day.

Below is a list of supplies needed by each student enrolled in Mrs. Stout’s classes.

Having these supplies by the DUE DATE of August 23, 2010 will get you off to a “good start” by being prepared.




  • 2 – BLACK or BLUE ink pens

 (Work completed in any other color will not be accepted!)

  • 1 – Pack of Pencils (# 2) 


  • 1 – notebook filler paper (150 sheets)


  •  1 – 3-ring binder (1 ½”  or 2”) with clear view cover for inserting cover sheet

Please DO NOT decorate your binder in advance!  Write your name in small letterin on the inside cover only! We will be assembling our binders in class together.

Please note that from time to time you may need additional supplies for special projects.Family & Consumer Sciences and Clothing Management students will also have an additional supplies list for completing their sewing projects.
  • 1 – pack of Tabbed Dividers for the binder 


  • 1 – zippered binder pouch for holding pens and pencils


  • 1 – box of facial tissues


  • 1 – roll of paper towels


  • 1 – bottle of antibacterial hand cleaner

Binder, paper, and writing tools must be brought to class each day!                                                                                     —————————————————————————————————————————————–

Name: _____________________________________________  Hour:  _______ 


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please sign and detach the lower portion of this supplies list.  When your child returns it to me, I will know that you received my communication and he/she will receive credit for following instructions!

Should you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call, e-mail, or send a note to me.

Thank you,

Diana Stout

Omaha Schools

Phone: 870-426-3366




Parent signature: _____________________________________________ Date:  ________________

Welcome Students and Parents!

I  am looking forward to an exciting new school year!

Family and Consumer Science classes (FACS) and Career Orientation provide interactive and discovery learning opportunites for students. While many of the classes I teach are electives, they do count toward your grade point average and should be taken seriously. FACS  and Career Orientation students are given a state mandated end of course (EOC) exam which counts as 20% of your semester grade.

The mission of FACS is to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in family and consumer sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for strengthening the well-being of individuals and families across the life span; becoming responsible citizens and leaders in family, community, and work settings; promoting optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span; managing resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families; balancing personal, home, family, and work lives; using critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse environments; being successful in life management; developing employment and career plans; functioning effectively as providers and consumers of goods and services; appreciating human worth; and accepting responsibility for one’s actions and success in family and work life.

At the top of this page, you will find tabs that will provide you with helpful information such as  how to navigate the blog, my contact information, and class descriptions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns throughout the semester.


Diana Stout


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